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Where Design Dreams Are Brought to Life.
In the beginning, in the dark of night...
Somewhere a Web Designer has had a vision, a persuasive idea to good to resist....

"This will make a Cool Site!"

In the background, a Web Developer screams....        

Once the Web Designer has come up with a design concept that meets the customer's vision, it's time to take the next step, "Web Development"

A web site's underlying code and structure is just as important as the visual aspect of a web site. As mentioned earlier, poor web development such as the over use or poor design of those "Neat Web Trick and Flash" can severely effect the End User's ability to use the web. In addition for larger web sites, a poorly designed infrastructure itself can quickly become unmanageable or lends itself to a variety of security issues as new services are added to meet changes in the business plan.

   Can you hear it?
     That's the sound of your CFO growling in the background..."

So, once again poor development causes additional Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by having the the content managers and the Webmaster is having to spend extra time & effort keep the site up to date or available to the targeted user.

This is were MindCrafter's philosophy 2nd comes into play. MindCrafter Web Designs plans their web sites to use only the technology that the customer can manage or requires.

This does not mean that MindCrafter designs their web site with a "Fire & Forget" mentality. MindCrafter will work with the company's IT staff to identify their support comfort level and true web services requirements. For example if a company has no plans for accessing a database or complex forms, MindCrafter will not use unnecessary ASP, Cold Fusion or 3rd party services. The goal is to write the simplest professional appearing web site that gets the job done.

The development plans also includes developing web page templates based on the web editing software that the company's content managers will be using e.g. Dreamweaver or FrontPage

The following web sites are representative of the work MindCrafter Web Designs has done for previous clients or conceptual designs to provide potential clients a look at Mindcrafter Web Designs'  web design style.

Levis Consulting
Levis Consulting Web Site Banner

Vail Valley Summer Guide Order Form
Vail Valley Summer Guide Order Form

GA Wright Gaming Survey
G.A. Wright Marketing, Inc. Gaming Survey Form

Professional Organization Local Chapter Web Site
Professional Organization  Local Chapter Web Site

Mesa Count Valley School District #51 Grants Office Web site
Case Study 1 - Grants Banner

Resume Web Site
Case Study 2 - Resume Banner

Photographic Surrenaty (photo Gallery Using an Open Source SHopping Cart )
Photographic Surrenaty Web Site

Ambient Music Concept Web Site Template
Ambient Music Concept Web Site

Fun & Games Concept (Note: This SIte Was Designed For IE5+ Only)
Fantasy Concept Web Site
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